Crystals For Money & Abundance

How crystals bring money into your life

Crystals For Money

Crystals and stones have been very attractive through centuries because of their mysterious effects. They have been under the spotlight and great attention. The reason for that was believing that crystals possessed spiritual energy. They have been used for meditation, many sorts of rituals, getting visions, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. Read on to find out how you can use crystals for money and abundance. Become a money magnet!

Crystals for Money – Benefits of crystal’s energy

Besides that, the practice that has been very popular in ancient civilizations was using crystals as amulets and talismans. There was a strong belief about crystals as a great source of energy. Then, humans believe that crystals can protect human beings from black magic or any sort of negative energy. Also, it can cure people from diseases and their negative influence. But on the other side, crystals enhance mental capacity, strengthening spiritual and physical aspects.

Crystals can affect your wealth – Gemstones for Abundance

Have you ever heard that crystals for abundance can help you improve your financial situation? Are you aware of the power that some crystals possess? This article will give you some information on how crystals affect your wallet or bank account, known as crystals for wealth. Also, you will find out how to use their power to become financially stable or even “filthy rich” – depending on your wishes and aspirations! The only question is: What number would you like to see in your bank account?

Crystals For Abundance

Money abundance with the help of crystals

If you are interested in what crystals to use for money and how they benefit you, continue reading. Further in this article, we single out 8 crystals that can have a big impact on your wealth in life. These crystals have the vibration of money abundance and clean the path towards a wealthy life. If you are deeply struggling with money issues, you might need a little bit of more patience until you see your first results. But, eventually, with practice, you will face your deep resistance to money. Then, crystals energy is raising your vibration about money while you clean up the mess of other people’s negative energy. Those are usually beliefs that there is no enough money, that you have to work very hard to get it or that the corruption and nepotism rule the world.

8 crystals to attract money abundance

With crystals, you are going to get yourself out of that poor state of mind and cross into the wealth. Open your heart and let the intuition show you the power of crystals and connect you to them.

Read about the crystals below, improve your financial situation and increase the number in your bank account.



This crystal is very well-known as a crystal of abundance and the sun. It brings new energy and the feeling of comfort. Also, it stimulates imagination and transform wishes into reality. It helps in encouraging spiritual and physical wealth and optimism. If you are currently strongly focused on manifestation, citrin can shift your focus from being ungrateful to the full generosity.

It has a strong impact on solar plexus, eliminates fear and bring inner peace in human being.

It is highly recommended to everyone who wants to have more money. It is, also, very simple to use. Just place the crystal into your wallet and bring it constantly with you. The effect might be amazing!


This is a crystal of manifestations. It is, also, very popular as a crystal of abundance, success and good luck. Hence, it is used, through centuries for attracting prosperity in someone’s life.

Aventurin symbolizes good wishes, so it is a great gift for a birthday or anniversaries.

The main important role of this crystal is that it absorbs negative vibrations from the environment. It helps to stay happy and keep our inner peace and harmony.

When we talk about the money effects, it raises the vibration of a person and matches it with financial abundance.

Besides material manifestations, it brings spiritual one, as well.

Tiger eye

This crystal reminds us of gold just by its color. But there is more of it. With its golden shades, it is giving to the one who carries it, so much of spiritual energy. The amount of that energy is so strong that it keeps the person fully persistent in achieving his or her goals.

It stimulates a person to make all his wishes come true. Also, it makes us ambitious and motivates us to work harder and to expect huge amount of money.

Tiger eye is something like a guarantee that all our hard work will be paid off. So, take your crystal and keep working – it will be worth it.



This crystal is very interesting for the topic of money, abundance and wealth. The reason for that is that crystal ametrine is allowing people the opportunity to improve their business. Its energy is saying that money is attracted by intention, not force. It constantly accents to allow the money, not force it or look for it because nothing is lost.

If you want to improve your financial situation with this crystal, firstly work on your spirituality and make sure you understand the universal laws, especially the one of divine law of allowing.

If you combine it with citrine and amethyst, it strengthens your motivation and creativity.

Bring this crystal for business negotiations and conversations. It helps in communication and getting deals in your favor.



There is a strong belief about this crystal about preventing being in a drunk state of being. This is connected to the physical, but also, spiritual side. It makes a person’s mind sober which is especially beneficial during a business meeting and negotiations.

It is well-know as being useful for legal and financial issues. It can lead a person through very hard times to the abundance and wealth, but only by keeping their head sober.

It has multiple benefits for health issues like headaches, pain, chronic tiredness and improving the immune system.

gemstones for money


This beautiful crystal is connected to many myths. One of them is that soldiers used it because they believed it would show them the right way back home. Some consider garnet crystals as a symbol of eternal fire of change.

When it comes to the financial situation, the wheel of fortune is spinning very fast with this crystal. So, if you are struggling with a lack of money or can not pay the next rent, garnet crystal affects the person’s life in a way that very quickly changes the situation. But be aware, as a big result you expect, the big effort you must include.

So, if you have a situation like a very important business meeting, you must appear and lead the conversation, but garnet crystal’s in your pocket will take the situation to your favorite place. Results of effort are almost, guaranteed with garnet crystal. Have courage, bring your piece of garnet and good luck!


Malachite crystal brings prosperity and happiness. It is very beneficial in business if you want to take your company to the next level:

  1. Make a new product;
  2. Bring more clients;
  3. Increase your income;
  4. Open a new store.

Also, if your company is at risk of bankruptcy, bring some malachite crystals and place them in every corner of your work environment. It will attract more clients, or a business partner that will offer you a partnership that might save your business.

The experience with these crystals shows that the effect is even stronger if you place extra pieces of malachite in the cash register.



This crystal is bringing peace, protect the one’s energy and eases the decision making.

It is well-known as an anxiety reliever. Achat helps to clean one’s mind and lead to rational decision making.

If you are in a situation that you can not separate good and bad, achat helps to recognize what things have more benefits for us. It is crucial in a state of job seeking.

Achat protects us to sign a contract that is not beneficial for us. Also, it speeds up goal achieving and attracts a job that offers the best for us. If you are looking for a new work environment, achat connects all material dots that matter to us and lead us to the wanted results.

Achat is a symbol of well-being.

gemstone abundance energy

How to use crystals – rituals and tricks

There are so many ways you can use the crystals we mentioned above. Throughout history, different cultures use different rituals to get the most from the crystal energy.

But, here, we will present a few simple tricks you can apply in your everyday life and witness the results:

  1. Take a paper banknotes, place it somewhere outside on the sun and put the crystal at the top. A few hours will be enough. Repeat that for a few days, or as long as you want until you get the wanted results.
  2. Take a few peaces of a particular crystal and place them in corners of your home, your office or any work environment. It supposed to bring you more clients and more money, of course!
  3. There is a simple trick you can apply for personal financial growth. Take a small piece of crystal and place it in your wallet with coins. It will keep the positive energy around your wallet and attract more and more money.


These tricks you can apply for any financial situation with any crystal from the list above.


Being financially free is the right of every human being

There are so many different crystals that can help you improve your love life, bring your lover back to you, keep your health in balance or make your family live in peace and harmony. But also, many crystals can increase your financial income, improve your wealth and make you rich.

There are a few, that we mentioned above, which attracts money and good luck. Only a happy and wealthy person can fully live his or her life.

Remember that being happy and financially free is the right of each of us. So, learn more about crystals and their benefits, spread the positive energy and help others to improve their financial lives, too.

Thank you for being a conscious human being! Namaste!

Note: Crystals act like a magnet, so use them wisely. If you try to use crystals for the purpose to harm someone in any way, karma will react and bring all the bad luck straight towards your door. Pay attention to your intention!

Crystals For Money & Abundance

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