Manifestation Magic Review – Read this!

Manifestation Magic Review - What you need to know

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I’ve seen it all. From “The Secret” to the infinite amount of self-help books and law of attraction that are taking over the market. So, stay tuned for the Manifestation Magic review.

Someone could think that with all those guides and products, we would all be rich and living an abundant, happy life. However, that is certainly not the case, most people are in fight-mode every day.

When I found the “Manifestation Magic” product, my first reaction was to ask myself, “Does the world needs another law of attraction type product”?.

Leaving aside my skepticism, I chose to look into it and give an honest review of it. Talking about the good and bad.

Manifestation Magic basically consists of a series of audio tracks with brainwave frequencies. If you listen to them before you sleep, your brain will be way more receptive to the hypnotic suggestions.

It is actually a brilliant concept, as it will have way less external and internal interference. 

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What did I find in Manifestation Magic?

This is what you receive when you purchase the program:

  • Immediate start Manifestation Guide (It comes in iBook, Kindle or PDF format)
  • More than 7 Twilight Transformation Delta Waves Audios, to improve our finances.
  • “Push Play” Application.
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days.
  • Bonus 1 –Chakra Energy system.
  • Bonus 2– Transformation system 360′
  • 2 Special Extra Bonuses — The Miracle of Abundance and 7 holy signs.

Other bonuses you’ll receive:

  • 365 Powers of Manifestation.
  • Wealth Awakening through the Law of Attraction.
  • Happiness starts with you.
  • Program to Manifest Abundance.
  • Better mind, better Life.
  • Dominating the Law of Attraction.

I was quite surprised to receive this much content for a reasonably low price.

Manifestation Magic is a vastly more complete system than the majority of the other books and products on this genre. But anyways, the content by itself is not enough.

There’s still a vital question that must be responded…

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Will it help you?

1- Actions that matter

The biggest problem I had with books such as The Secret is that they only said to me that I had to think positively to see some results. This wealth manifestation method sounds very good, but it hardly works.

For you to take advantage of Manifestation Magic you must listen to the audio tracks. This is not hard work, but it’s a necessary task. The “Nocturnal wealth” track is especially important.

2- Build a solid base

The reason why Manifestation Magic works so well and has so many positive testimonials is because of the science that goes behind it. It changes your thinking patterns.

It is really difficult to achieve this, reading books, because we are creatures of habit. While I listened to the tracks I went deep into my mind and fixed the inconsistencies that were sabotaging my actions. This program does this way better than any other books I have found.

3- Consistency

By listening to these audio tracks every day you will begin to develop positive habits very naturally, without a lot of effort. By being consistent you’ll get results.

4- Empty your mind

There are not enough positive thoughts that can work if you’re still trapped in your old train of thoughts. It’s like putting makeup in a wound to cover it up.

5- Complete system

At first, Manifestation Magic appeared to be similar to the other regular self-help material, but I was so wrong…

There are audio tracks, an immediate start guide, and 14 additional bonuses that will help you build your wealth, health, relationships, spirituality, and other important areas of your life.

It is much more than just another self-help program, it has surpassed all my expectations.

6-Genuine testimonials

The official site has many reviews from costumers that have tried the product and can guarantee that changed their lives. That is the best social proof that the audios really work wonders.

7- Simple to use

It’s is an obvious statement that listening to audios is way easier than forcing yourself to think and visualize your dream life when everything around you is going down.

Manifestation Magic is a very practical and simple program, in which you have to make changes inside yourself before you can make external changes. You must first clean the paper before you can paint a masterpiece. The soft pulsating sounds honestly worked for me.

8- Immediate access to the content

By being a digital product, you can access it immediately. Without any extra waiting time or shipping expenses.

9- Money back guarantee

You can rest assured that if you are not satisfied with the product within 60 days, they will return you your money. It is a risk-free purchase.

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Does Manifestation Magic has any cons?

I can count a couple of cons to this product. There a no perfect products on the planet and fortunately, I’ve only found 2 minor issues with it.

1- You can only buy it through the web

You will not be able to buy this product in a bookstore. You’ll need a computer and internet connection if you want to download it.

You can later access it through your cellphone.

The creators have designed it like this on purpose, so they could lower their production costs and make it accessible to the masses, helping the most amount of people that they could.

2- The audio tracks may not be adequate for everyone

 Some people may have some difficulties when it comes to listening to the tracks because the frequency could be harsh for them. I think this only includes a small group of people, but it can happen.

But good news! If you have any trouble with the frequency you can contact the support crew and they’ll send you another track with a more suitable frequency for you. For free.

Should you buy the program Manifestation Magic?

You should! This product delivered everything they promised to me.

You have nothing to lose because of its 60-day guarantee, so… why not try it out?

Love, abundance, health and all the great things in life are within your reach. We just need to follow the correct process and habits that will take us there.


Manifestation Magic Review – Read this!

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