Manifesting A Relationship – How To Manifest Love

How To Manifest A Relationship

Manifasting Love

With Earth’s population around the 7 billion mark, you would think it might be impossible for anyone to be lonely today, right?

But the sad truth is that there are thousands, if not millions of folk who are desperately lonely.

They seek that one person who will complete them. They are looking for their soul-mate, their ‘twin-flame’. Maybe you, reading this now, are one of those people.

If so, don’t despair! Through the law of attraction, you can find that special someone. Are you intent on manifesting a specific person?

Keep reading and we’ll show you how manifesting a relationship is something that you can do. Start manifesting love! 

Good vibrations – How to manifest love

You may or may not be familiar with the Law Of Attraction. Put simply, it means that what we focus on, we attract. And it is something that, though some may scoff, has its roots in science.

Everything we see, experience or perceive is energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When you align yourself with the frequency of something, you attract more of that thing into your life.

So, if you focus on the negative, you’ll attract more of the same. You may be having a bad day; the traffic is heavy, you dropped your coffee, you had a blazing row with a friend, the news was all doom and gloom.

These things fill you up, keeping you in a negative frame of mind. Your vibration is low, and you attract more and more of the same kind of thing.

Likewise, when you raise your vibration, focusing on gratitude, love, peace and happiness, the universe sends more of these. It really is that simple.

manifasting love and relationship

Living in the past

One of the key factors of the Law Of Attraction is recognising that neither the past nor the future is important. What you should be focusing on is now.

It is possible that you are still hurting from a past experience, a relationship that has broken down, leaving you scarred emotionally. Wounds like this are deep. They are personal, and they echo around our minds, bringing all sorts of other problems with them.

We feel stupid, we feel betrayed. We feel worthless. Our self-confidence takes a battering and we close ourselves off, harden our hearts and vow to never be fooled again.

But you see the problem there, in connection with the Law Of Attraction? When we hold onto negative thought processes and nurse our wounded pride it only attracts more of the same. And it is then difficult, though not impossible, for us to go about manifesting a relationship in this frame of mind.

So, we need to draw a line under that past relationship. You could write a journal, speak to a professional or a friend, or simply write down how you feel.

Either way, you need to process those feelings and emotions. Get them out of your system. If you do write them down, you may wish to place the sheets of paper on a fire. It is a good way of symbolically letting go. You have to move on.

manifest love

You are worth it!

Whatever your past experience, whoever you are – you are unique, you are special and you are worth it. This is something that you have to believe before you seek a soul-mate. Take care of yourself, become more like the sort of person you are seeking. Learn to love yourself.

Send the message

When you are ready, take a while to have a really good think about that person you want to manifest.

Write it down, be specific. List their character traits, their likes and dislikes, their life ambitions. What are you looking for in a partner?

Visualisation – a key element of manifestation – can help you see that person in your mind’s eye.

Fully invest your emotions in this image. Feel the excitement, love, laughter and passion. It is being suggested more and more that emotion is Energy in Motion.

So, by directing that energy into our desires, we increase our chances of seeing those desires manifested.

Now, tell the universe you are ready. You have put aside your past hurts and problems. You realise you are worthy and deserving of a fulfilling, loving relationship with someone who feels the same.

Have a good idea of what the person is like. So let the universe, God, Spirit – whatever you like to call that great, benevolent, creative force – let them know that you are ready to receive.


Don’t give up manifesting a relationship

Now, it might just happen that your twin-flame lands on your doorstep the very next day, declaring undying love. Which would be perfect!

But don’t be surprised if it takes a while – the universe has heard you, but you may need to wait.

Keep the feeling alive in your heart and soul. Keep the images and visualisations going.

Try some affirmations out and repeat them daily, like ‘I know my soul-mate is out there and nothing can stop us!’ – whatever feels most comfortable.

Above all, never give up. If you feel able, live as if it has already happened. This may sound weird, but many people have found this technique helpful.

By ‘living as if’, they cultivate a feeling that their aims have been achieved, a great way to encourage the Law Of Attraction to provide the results you want.

Finally, keep a sense of peace in your heart. Trust, always, even when it seems hard.

The universe knows what it’s doing. It knows your hopes and your fears. It knows exactly what you need. Exactly who you need.

So now you know how to manifest love. Whether you’re manifesting a specific person or a relationship you’ve always longed for, you have the key.

The universe is infinitely abundant, and it is waiting to give you what you need and what you desire.

All it takes is for you to believe, to release those negative thought processes and to allow abundance to fill your life.

Your twin-flame is out there, so what are you waiting for

Manifesting A Relationship – How To Manifest Love

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